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Is this the future of events? I think so, at least for the next year or so imo. Yes, we’ve all become very familiar with Zoom meetings over the past few months, but surely it can’t work for events? Well, actually it can and today has proven that to me.

Firstly, I’ve been doing co-working meet-ups here in Hoi An but then we went into lockdown. We decided to try to keep some momentum by still running them online. I wasn’t convinced it would work but actually, we’re doing a couple of sessions a week and it’s working brilliantly.

Secondly, there’s a great event I always go to in the UK (Now What Live, info below) that obviously wasn’t going to be possible to run this year. Instead of cancelling they decided to still run it online over Zoom. But rather than it being run from a spare bedroom or office like most, it was run with all speakers on stage in a proper studio with proper AV, multiple cameras, and even pyrotechnics! The difference that made to the whole online event was amazing and was really groundbreaking stuff. Do check out the Spotlight Streaming Studio from iStead.

Of course, online will never be able to replace in person events and the feelings and emotions that these bring. As great as technology is, it still can’t replace human connection and actually being with people. But, it’s way better than the only other alternative right now which is just not running events at all. It’s also an opportunity to open your event to a wider audience. This year, I wouldn’t have been able to go to NWL, but thanks to this technology I was able to, and I’m truly thankful that this was the case.

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