Photo of the day 220/366

Where we are doesn’t seem to be so big on recycling (don’t get me started on plastic use here, especially plastic bags for everything which you have to forcibly decline!) but there are signs that things are improving.

Quite a few takeaways and restaurants (that are now takeaways in lockdown) are now using compostable packaging. The coolest I’ve seen is re-using scooped out passion fruit as ketchup and mayonnaise containers! 👍

The children tend to recycle any boxes and cardboard etc for crafts and this week they even made some vases out of empty beer cans. You just need to keep your fingers away from the edges! 😲




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Richard Eaton

Marketeer. Technologist. Petrol Head. Left the UK for a year long round the world family trip and forgot to go back. Currently living in Vietnam 🇻🇳