No flights to the UK

Photo of the day 229/366

Today was the day we were supposed to fly back to the UK and continue our lives after our year travelling. A few weeks ago we made the huge decision to not return to the UK after all, and it looks like it was the right choice.

The sky has been blue and empty of planes for months now. As anticipated when we made that decision, there are no flights from Vietnam to the UK (we can’t even leave the house or Hoi An, never mind the country!) so there’s no way we’d have been able to get back. So all our plans would have been trashed and trying to deal with that with no notice would have been a nightmare.

Sometimes you have to make big decisions without any assurances apart from your gut feel. But as that’s rarely wrong, do make sure you listen to it.




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Richard Eaton

Marketeer. Technologist. Petrol Head. Left the UK for a year long round the world family trip and forgot to go back. Currently living in Vietnam 🇻🇳