How To Reset a Honda Air Blade Oil Change Indicator Light

Richard Eaton
1 min readMay 9, 2021

A very quick how-to video showing the procedure to reset the “oil change” indicator light on the display of a Honda Air Blade. This was done on our current generation 2021 Honda Airblade 125 scooter with the digital dashboard and smartkey ignition and remote keyfob.

As you’ll see in the video the procedure is as follows:

1. Activate the scooter using the smartkey (don’t turn on the ignition though).
2. Press and hold the right hand “set” button on the dashboard for at least 3 seconds.
3. Keep holding the “set” button down and then switch on the ignition.

The “oil change” indicator / light on the scooters dashboard will reset / clear and no longer be shown.

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