Capturing the Africa Twin: My Motorcycle Photoshoot Experience

Richard Eaton
3 min readJun 16, 2023

Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing a professional photoshoot for my beloved Honda Africa Twin. From the choice of location to the photographer’s expertise and staging abilities, every aspect of the process contributed to a fab and memorable experience. In this blog post, I will share the details of my shoot and the brilliant end results.

Location, location, location! Well before the photo shoot itself, the photographer (the fab Tom Jackson from Jackson Media) had scoped out various locations to try and get across a rugged and “adventure” vibe to suit the motorbike. His final location was chosen and it was a great combo of easy access (both distance and terrain) but lovely woodland scenery and backdrops which provided an ideal setting to suit the bike.

When he met me on location, there was an impressive amount of high end equipment that came out of his car boot! As well as cameras and lenses, a couple of fancy lighting rigs too which I didn’t expect. Of course, it was how well he used and knew this equipment inside out that was impressive to see, and it’s this experience that gives the results rather than somebody who just bought the pro gear.

This experience shone through again when it came to the shoot itself. From staging the different settings, and positioning the bike and equipment, to making me feel at ease when taking some photos of me with the bike too.

So what about the end result? Here’s a selection of my favourites…

The entire photoshoot experience was nothing short of brilliant. Tom’s passion, creativity, and professionalism was plain to see and the end results are amazing. It’s an experience I’d highly recommend, and obviously, I’d highly recommend Tom too!

If you’re thinking that you’re handy with the camera on your phone (as I used to do, lol!), so why bother with a professional? The following 2 photos sum up why it’s worth it…

My photo taken on my high end Samsung phone
Tom’s professional version taken in the same spot, same time! 🙌





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