Photo of the day 195/366

Something we’ve discovered on our travels is that things that we took for granted as normal in the UK can be rare elsewhere. One of those things is having an oven at home.

For months we’ve not had an oven (typically in Asia and Indonesia people just have a stove) but we do have a hob and microwave.

We’ve wanted to make a cake for months but had said we couldn’t without an oven because that’s how we did it in the UK. I looked into it a bit more and surprisingly you can actually do so with a microwave!

So that’s exactly what I did and the result was great 👍 Even if I say so myself 😂

Sometimes we tell ourselves we can’t do something when we actually can. We just need to adapt.


Marketeer. Technologist. Petrol Head. Left the UK for a year long round the world family trip and forgot to go back. Currently living in Vietnam 🇻🇳